Michael Marshall

Global Technology Lead, L&D

2:15 PM Panel Discussion: Job Market: How will Current Jobs Have to Change to Adapt to VR/AR?

VR jobs are currently moving away from traditional gaming application to the newer areas of user experience like VR advertising and marketing. As we see VR startups leveraging technology for business applications, what new software development tools will employers be looking for as the industry only further progresses? Can we prepare for the VR jobs of the future? Will there be more jobs?
·       How will the new potential mainstream technology affect the job market?
·       Understand the likely skills required in the VR world in 3 years
·       Discuss the top career opportunities and fields in the VR Industry
·       Explore the virtual office and integrated virtual reality tools that will affect your industry 

4:00 PM AR/VR World to Come: The Latest, the Best, and the Overhyped

·       Why would a VR startup want to pair with and investor?
·       How do you collaborate with a corporate looking for new business?
·       What do we need to prepare our organization for Immersive Tech?
·       What are the biggest trends we need to be on the lookout for?
·       What are the top 5 takeaways from the conference to accelerate our VR journey?

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