Sam Worobec

Head of Training
Chipotle Restaurants

Sam began his career with Chipotle in 2012 by having the initial responsibility for developing the infrastructure and content for e-learning. He has since taken Chipotle from books and binders to digital and mobile platforms that engage over 70,000 employees, primarily 18-25 year olds, in learning and development.  Sam has also assisted Chipotle in the growth of other concepts both domestically and internationally. Sam is originally from Chicago, graduated from Indiana University  and has been playing the drums since he was a young boy. 

When Chipotle (pronounced chi-POAT-lay) opened its first store in 1993, the idea was simple: demonstrate that food served fast didn't have to be a "fast-food" experience. We use high-quality raw ingredients, classic cooking methods and a distinctive interior design, and have friendly people to take care of each customer—features that are more frequently found in the world of fine dining. When we opened, there wasn't an industry category to describe what we were doing. Some 20 years and more than 1,500 restaurants later, we compete in a category of dining now called "fast-casual," the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry, where customers expect food quality that's more in line with full-service restaurants, coupled with the speed and convenience of fast food.

12:00 PM How VR is Disrupting the Traditional Learning & Training Models

The possibilities with virtual reality headsets are taking immersion to all types of new levels. Evidence of VR saving time, reducing costs, increasing productivity, and boosting effectiveness of training in learning is unquestionable. This session will outline early adoption success stories and explain scenarios VR can offer L&D practitioners. Not only will you experience the research side of implications and opportunities for VR as an effective tool for learning, you will also get a head start at developing it into your own workplace.
Panelists will discuss:
·       Compare realistic-computer generated environments, first-person perspectives, and virtual training scenarios  
·       Develop interactive computer graphic scenes with real-time engines
·       Use VR for hard and soft skill simulations as well as empathy-induced experiences
·       Allude to technology of what a L&D VR experience can bring to your workforce

2:30 PM Special Early Adoption Session: Results, Challenges, and Success from Adopting VR and AR in the Training and Learning Environment at Chipotle Mexican Grill

This session will highlight Chipotle Mexican Grill’s early initiatives to adopt VR technology into their workplace. Sam heads up the week-long curriculum of “how do you walk through a restaurant?” in order to find new and innovative ways to train their employees. With new implementations of MR and VR into their training, they are beginning to experiment with scenario-based training with choices to pick from.
·       Transform how you validate knowledge in your L&D space
·       Write the perfect scenario and language literacy concerns
·       Discover how AR is disrupting learning systems in the retail and food industries
·       Discuss where the future is taking AR technology
·       Experience Chipotle’s current VR technology on stage

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Sam.

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